Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A little more recently...

Last week we finally got gutters back on the house. I was pretty bummed we couldn't keep the half-round gutters that were on the house (and definitely couldn't afford new ones at $16.50/sqft!!!). After finding out the house originally had built-in gutters like the front porch, I was a little less sad about this. We did decide to "upgrade" to the 6" gutters though and I'm glad we did because A) it's a big roof and a lot of water comes pouring off it and B) they look pretty darn good!

We didn't get a ton of pictures because by the time Chris left for work they were already half way done. Kinda hilarious how they did it though- that's a looooong piece of gutter!

The guys haul it up (must not be as heavy as the old ones!) and the girl waits to hang off the roof like a little monkey.

We decided we need one of the great big ladders with the hook thing on top like they have. Apparently it's a 32-footer and it does actually reach the roof! Too bad Chris would never go up it :)

Did I forget to mention??

Somehow it escaped me (or perhaps I just don't have as much free time as I'd like) to mention that the roof is done! Has been for about a month now :) Chris and I were in St. Louis for the last couple days of construction, and made it back just in time to cut them a check and watch a little clean-up. Chester and his crew did a great job and they were very entertaining to say the least!

Here's a little recap of what we missed while we were gone:

Had to do a little extra work here by the front dormer where it was evident there was some past water damage. Bugger! But good to have fixed!!!

Look at all the junk on the front porch, lol!

Love this picture! I didn't go in the attic because it was nasty dirty, but it looked really cook once all the shake was off and the sun was coming through :)

All done in front!

Pulling the underlayment for the new flat porch roof up

New flat roof! Well, minus the rubber cover that goes over this :)

And we got home just in time to PRAY our brand new roof didn't get hail damage!