Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 1!

Due to a slight rain delay, Chester and his crew got to work at about 8:30 rather than 7:30 this morning. Before I left for work, I got to watch the delivery truck bring the first round of supplies. Highlight: The truck backing up over our grass and DUMPING a huge pile of plywood in our yard... likely killing the grass and leaving a massive dent, lol. Oh well, not like they could have lifted it off!
Chris got to see the garage roof completely torn off before he left for work, and by the time he got home 7 hours later, it was all done! Honestly, I was just impressed they didn't fall through the garage roof. Guess it's sturdier than I thought! Although, if it's been standing for this long, it's gotta be pretty tough :)

When their driver came to pick them up at the end of the day, he joked about the easy part being done- One guy laughed and said he didn't care, he wasn't coming back tomorrow, haha! I'm not sure if they will, but the got out of the van this morning and said something about maybe renting a lift... Perhaps he didn't really look at the house when he did the bid??

That's a really big red dumpster! Kinda clashes with the big pink house ;)

Big Pink Roof Project

You wondered why I haven't had anything to blog about all summer? I've just been saving it all up (literally!) for the BIG PINK ROOF PROJECT! No, not a pink roof, just a BIG one on the PINK house. We got a couple bids last summer knowing it was something we needed to do, but decided to wait it out another year. Fortunately, my construction-related job led us to Chester Kauffman and his Amish crew :) They've only been here for one day, but we're already pleased as punch (not only are they super fast, Chris is pretty confident saying Chester is hilarious!).

First of all, here's a little recap:

~*Not-so-hot house roof

~*Crappy garage roof*~

~*Bubbled tar over layers of tar, rolled shingles, rotten plywood, more rolled shingle, and probably some tin- UGH!*~

~*That's about 4 layers of shingles on top of shake on top of these lovely slats... the gap can't be more than 1/2" by code, which is why we also have to re-sheet the whole house and garage. Yay!*~