Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Days 3 & 4

Not a whole lot new to report on the roof front... Monday morning was spent much the same way as Friday morning- figuring out how to make the lift work :) We also got a 2nd dumpster- woohoo! Chris cringed as they tried to put it in the driveway beside the 1st one, but thankfully they settled for the street beside the house. The crew spent Monday dismantling the East side of the house and today moved to the West side. I see a pattern here: I have deduced that the front side MUST be next!

Chester told Chris this morning that we almost had a problem! The back and west sides of the roof had two layers of shake to tear off (THAT explains all the mess!) and he only charged us for one layer of shake. Fortunately for us (and them, haha), the front and east side had no shake, so it all evened out.

Speaking of the shake... I haven't been home to see any of the roof torn off, so I had no idea what this shake looks like. I was picturing the shake you see on roofs or as siding, but it's a lot thinner and tighter than that(See picture). It actually looks like a pretty sturdy surface, but boy is it a pain in the butt to tear off! Lots of splintery little pieces and LOTS of nails!! That second dumpster we got this morning? Full by this afternoon.

I had a good laugh this morning when the guys told Chris they were taking bets on whether or not Chester ordered enough supplies- the looser has to buy lunch at Subway :) Coming home tonight and seeing one full sheet of plywood leads me to believe Chester is buying lunch. Hard to believe that 108 sheets isn't enough!

There's also a bet on what day they'll get done. I figure they'll do the front tear off tomorrow, get the whole thing shingled Thursday (maybe a little Friday am), and then have the flat roofs to do Friday. I'm thinking they're going to be more than 1 days work, so I'm predicting they'll be back Monday. We'll see! I wonder if they'll let me in on the bet...

Another thing we're having issues deciding is what to do with the landscaping around the house. There are a few pretty flowers on the east side, but for the most part it looks like overgrown weeds. We almost spent some serious time and money planting pretty things on the east side of the house this spring...

Good thing we didn't!!

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Sarah Craft said...

Oh Megan! You are in such high spirits about this roof work. I'm very impressed. I'm guessing that the project is complete by now and looks fabulous. Not looking forward to having this project done at my house.