Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A little more recently...

Last week we finally got gutters back on the house. I was pretty bummed we couldn't keep the half-round gutters that were on the house (and definitely couldn't afford new ones at $16.50/sqft!!!). After finding out the house originally had built-in gutters like the front porch, I was a little less sad about this. We did decide to "upgrade" to the 6" gutters though and I'm glad we did because A) it's a big roof and a lot of water comes pouring off it and B) they look pretty darn good!

We didn't get a ton of pictures because by the time Chris left for work they were already half way done. Kinda hilarious how they did it though- that's a looooong piece of gutter!

The guys haul it up (must not be as heavy as the old ones!) and the girl waits to hang off the roof like a little monkey.

We decided we need one of the great big ladders with the hook thing on top like they have. Apparently it's a 32-footer and it does actually reach the roof! Too bad Chris would never go up it :)


Elizabeth said...

We used to have a 32 footer when we lived in Marion...my knees would turn to jelly when I would make it even half way up!!

Bronwyn Hass said...

I’ve seen how the roof was built, and I have to say that I’m amazed with you and the contractors! It’s undeniable that you have a HUGE house, so it’s really challenging to track the progress. Anyway, I can see that you were having fun with this project. I know that this has long been finished, but I still want to see the new roof.

Bronwyn Hass