Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Other pre-party projects

Just a couple other fun things we did before the party!

We bought some almost-new furniture from a couple moving to Florida. I think it's the newest and best-matching furniture we've ever had, haha! See pics in their clean rooms below :)

When we moved in, my mom brought us this captain's chair that was taking up space in her hallway. It's been sitting in our dining room but it had this hideous green tapestry cover (over the top of orange 'leather'!). One night, I couldn't sleep so I decided to go ahead and recover it. I just happened to have some fabric left from recovering the regular dining room chairs, and had just found my upholstery stapler when I was cleaning my craft room, so it was quite the easy project. I was pretty happy how it turned out :)

Our street is gorgeous in the fall, so I couldn't resist finding a few choice leafs and attempting to press them. I stacked them between a huge pile of magazines that I need to get rid of, and they dried/flattened beautifully! I wanted to display them somehow, so I decided to reuse some frames I already had. I painted the cardboard mat in the frame the same color as the wall and stuck the leaves in. I think they turned out nicely, and I can change the contents of the frames with the seasons. I'm thinking paper snowflakes or maybe pine sprigs for winter...

Last, but not least... I had some cute small pumpkins and lots of glitter and decided that they would go well together. I made the mistake of not making sure the craft room door was latched when I went downstairs for a while. I heard a thump upstairs and immediately thought "Oh no, the glitter is out and the cat got in the craft room!" She did spread the glitter around pretty well, but thankfully didn't get the entire jar dumped out. I just thought the little cat prints in the glitter were funny. There was also a trail of prints on the rug, but it didn't photograph well, lol :)

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Gary and Samantha said...

Your so stinkin creative...I have to buy stuff that looks like stuff you make!