Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Pink Roof Project

You wondered why I haven't had anything to blog about all summer? I've just been saving it all up (literally!) for the BIG PINK ROOF PROJECT! No, not a pink roof, just a BIG one on the PINK house. We got a couple bids last summer knowing it was something we needed to do, but decided to wait it out another year. Fortunately, my construction-related job led us to Chester Kauffman and his Amish crew :) They've only been here for one day, but we're already pleased as punch (not only are they super fast, Chris is pretty confident saying Chester is hilarious!).

First of all, here's a little recap:

~*Not-so-hot house roof

~*Crappy garage roof*~

~*Bubbled tar over layers of tar, rolled shingles, rotten plywood, more rolled shingle, and probably some tin- UGH!*~

~*That's about 4 layers of shingles on top of shake on top of these lovely slats... the gap can't be more than 1/2" by code, which is why we also have to re-sheet the whole house and garage. Yay!*~

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