Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 started off a little short handed- A few of Chester's crew had other things to do, so there were only 4 guys working Friday. I looked out the window when they arrived to see that they were not kidding... they really did bring a lift back with them! I guess the idea of carrying things up tall ladders the hard way was a daunting task (I wouldn't do it either!) :)

Though I had my doubts on whether or not they really knew how to use it, they did eventually get the lift leveled and it came in quite handy I'm sure.

They got the north side of the house torn off, sheeted and put the felt on before their driver came back to get them. Unfortunately, neither Chris or I had the fabulous idea to shut the windows before this started, so we came home to a kitchen and hall full of wood dust- yuck!

We also learned something interesting about the house! If you've talked to me at all about this project, you know I have an internal struggle with what to do with the built-in gutters on the front porch. They're so full of tar at the front that the water just runs over, but we think it's a unique feature and would love to keep it since it's an original part of the house. Turns out during the tear-off that the guys discovered that the house also had built-in gutters. They had been covered with 1x8 (or close to), shingled over, and huge 1/2 round gutters installed to the outside of the house. Though we aren't even considering resurrecting this feature at this time, it's still neat to know it was there! Now just have to decide about the porch :)


Sarah Craft said...

I really need to drive past your house looks so similar to ours. The roof is looking good though...slowly but surely...and expensively. :)

megankremer said...

Come on over!! Let me know when you're up this way and I'll give you the grand tour :)