Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aaaaaaaalmost done...

Now that it's finally nice outside, I got motivated to break the bedroom doors out of the basement and get them finished. I suppose it would have been easier if I just hadn't started stripping them RIGHT before it got too cold to finish! Regardless, the BR closet door had one coat of stain already, so I cleaned it up and put another coat on. The actual BR door was stripped and sanded last fall, so I did a little touch up sanding, broke out the tack cloth (which I HATE- that stuff is yucky!), and got it prepped for a couple coats of stain. Now they're both sitting in the garage just waiting for me to come seal them with some poly, the trick will be actually having time to get it done! Between work, showing houses and baking... I'm thinking I may just have a little time to get them done over Memorial Day weekend. Here are a few more part-done pictures :)

Closet door with 1 coat of stain

2nd coat done and ready for poly!
BR door nice and raw (except the white paint ring that was under the deadbolt that we didn't take off until we were sanding...)

BR door all stained and ready to go!

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Gary and Samantha said...

Aww I like your doors! Mine came out ugly. I need to take a picture, but Im not impressed. I still have the other side to play with.